Monday, 18 February 2013

Vivian - Grade 11

Up In The Air
Watercolour Paint

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Anonymous said...


You really have an adorable art style! :) I like that you used simple shapes and watercolor to give the picture a soft, yet clean and simple look. I can tell you're obviously talented with watercolor since you've done a great job with the shading. There's a degree of depth with this piece, thanks to the fading sky, the earth below, and the varying sizes of feathers. It's a very nice idea, and the general mood of this piece is quite pleasant. Looking at this made me feel very happy, and hopeful.

Although this piece has a nice degree of depth, I think it could be even better if you tried adding birds in the background. Making some smaller, some larger, just to make it seem like there's birds everywhere rather than surrounding you. Maybe even changing the way each bird looks. Have some birds looking up, turning their heads. It will give the piece dynamic. In terms of shading, I think if you darkened the shadows for some of the further away buildings and the edge of the sky, it would make the picture pop out a little better. Doing this will add dimension, and it'll make the earth look rounder. There might be some issues surrounding layers of the picture. I'm assuming you want the big feathers to be flying around, closer to the viewers eyes right? If so, then they should be in front of the birds wings, or else it'll look like there are abnormally large feathers just floating around. xD

Sorry for that big mouthful. You don't have to change a thing if you don't want to, but it's all for your consideration. Great job.