Monday, 18 February 2013

Daphne - Grade 11

These next few images are some visual explorations I did before I completed my final piece and they are all in watercolor.

My final piece that followed the above experiments.  They are six individual watercolour paintings mounted on black poster paper.  Sorry for the quality of the photo (teacher's fault).
And She Can't Smile
Watercolour, Black Ink

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Brynna Thorlakson said...

The way you used the water colors is beautiful. The way you really used the water element of it, to get the tears and emotions was brilliant. The flow and splatters used on the first few pieces I think really capture the mess of emotions that can be kept in, as comes through in your final piece "And She Can't Smile." where the girl is holding back something. The blending and contrast with the colors was done extremly well, as well as the darkness which I know can be hard sometimes using water colors. The first on, with the words "I'm fine" written on it, has really great depth and layers. I feel as if the eye, the tears, and the lips are popping off of the face. I like how you chose six individual paintings for the final piece, I think it gives it a sort of "broken" feeling, as I could imagine the subject is feeling. All together a fantastic piece, great job.