Monday, 18 February 2013

Lucy - Grade 11

When I Dream About My Future
Project Theme:  Self-Directed
Acrylic Paint

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Anonymous said...


I think it is obvious that the you've got an eye-catching, colorful piece. To me, the best element of this picture is how colorful this is, and how well everything works together. For example, the tail of the goldfish is fantastic, because all the colors seem to harmonize and enhance each other. I love that this picture is a mix of textures. I see that goldfish tail is comprised of dots, while the lotus blossoms are blended a little more. This piece is visually enjoyable far away, and I'm sure close up as well.

One thing you might want to consider is adding some dramatic highlights and lowlights to the piece. I already mentioned that the colors are great, but I think that if contrast was used, it would keep the piece from looking flat. Your piece is not dull, but the colors have the potential to pop out a lot better. Some deep purple behind the lotus would bring out the pink of the flower, and a little dark blue under the goldfish and the girl would enhance the orange. I see that there are traces of dark blue in the tail of the goldfish, and it goes great there. I think this could bring more dimension into your work if you decided to do this.

Regardless of what you change, you've done an awesome job harmonizing the colors together and making this piece overall delightful to look at.