Monday, 18 February 2013

Kayla - Grade 11

Self Portrait
Wood, paint, string, paint, barbie doll parts & art mannequins, popsicle sticks


Anonymous said...


Your project has got to be one of the most interesting I've ever seen. It goes without saying that your usage of doll parts is extremely creative and a clever alternative to molding something out of clay. With barbie doll hands, it's especially convenient because their hands are made specifically to grab something so it works nicely with your project. It's also smart that you varied the size and color of the arms reaching out. It makes the arms look more savage and demanding, almost like a mob. The dark colors of the display add to the ominous ambiance, which is also effective.

I mentioned earlier that it was great how you differed the length of the grabbing arms. I think you could add to that savage, mob-like feeling even more by adding more arms and making some longer than the rest. Just so it looks like they really are on the verge of grabbing you and engulfing you. If you're trying to give the impression of confinement in this piece, you may want to consider adding walls around your project? It might make it look even dark and more hopeless.(Since I don't have any background on the piece, I'm not sure how applicable this would be.)

All in all you are a talented and innovative artist. Great job on your piece.

Anonymous said...

* Ginny

kayla said...

thank you so much for the comments on my art piece. i very much admire them. walls, wow i never thought of that. if i added them it would actually make alot of sense because of the background on this art piece. you said you didn't know the background on the piece. well i will tell you, basically what i was trying yo get across is how my past keeps on dragging me down the the place i use to be. hence the arms and me as a puppet. the figure on top is used to represent my fear/ my past.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay, that's very cool (not your past, but the idea)! Yeah, so I think it might be something just to think about. You don't have to change it or anything; you've already done a great job giving the message across.