Monday, 18 February 2013

Michael - Grade 11

Self Portrait
Pencil, Charcoal

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Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed this piece. It's clean, well executed and creative. To start, your idea is so interesting! I always thought of a self portait as just a picture of myself, but you've brought in a 3D element and worked with objects that represent you. From this picture, I get the message that you are a person that has a strong and noble facade to mask insecurities or dark secrets. (sorry, don't take this the wrong way) I think the way you worked with size really helped convey that message. Also,shadowing on the face of the bust is done very well. It's very realistic.

One thing I think that you could to do make this picture even better is to try using more blacks. If you could try making the edges of the picture extremely dark it would add more depth to the picture and bring out the light parts more. The underside of the bust has that dark shadowing, and it contrasts nicely with your face, meaning it really does make a difference and determine whether a drawing is flat or not.

This is a beautiful piece and you have done a great job to send a clear message to the viewer.