Monday, 18 February 2013

Chloe - Grade 12

Self Portrait
Coloured Pens

Self Portrait (Grade 11)
Acrylic Paint

Mother Nature
Coloured Pencil Crayons

Lion Love
Watercolour Paint

Sugar Skull
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Paper


Anonymous said...


I'm going to be critiquing your self portrait.

First of all, I'd like to start off by saying this is a gorgeous piece of artwork. There is amazing contrast in the colors used and it helps accentuate you, the main subject of the piece. I like you kept the color selection limited because it doesn't clutter the piece. Your expression is also interesting. I get the feeling that you are a curious person, open to adventure and discovery. The background is also interesting, because it almost looks like it's engulfing you, or it's just you coming out of the shadows. Maybe some skeletons in the closet? Or you being enlightened as an individual? I wish I had some back story on this piece :D

I appreciated the nice depth that the face had because of the way you added shadows. However, I think some more shadows could be added to the rest of the face to make it a little more realistic? There is already a degree of realism by the way you painted the eye, so I think the rest of the face should also follow through. Also, maybe it's just my screen resolution, but perhaps it would be interesting to try painting the background with different shades of black? I think it would add more dimension to the picture and keep the background from falling flat. I'm sorry I can't really tell through my computer.

In summation, you did a great job with this piece and you should be proud.


Sarah said...

The use of soft pencils are amazing, blending was great, and making really good color schemes. The self portrait was my favorite because how it appears to be rising outside of the background, which I don't even know how she did this, all in all I think it's really cool.
I think with the colored pieces a little more blacks would have made it really pop out and have a really great three D effect, and make the colors interact more with each other.

Hosun Kim said...

Self Portrait
Coloured Pens
I agree with Sarah, the using a various amounts of colours that work together and the blending of this piece is awesome. The colours really seem to be "popping" out of the picture, and it looks kind of hypnotising in that aspect.