Monday, 18 February 2013

Amy - grade 11

Project Theme:  Story
Acrylic Paint

Self Portrait
Acrylic Paint

First project in September


Sarah said...

I think that Story has so many great elements to it, and everything in the painting interacts so well together. I think the painting is really well laid out, and nothing is lost in it, I really admired the layout because the interaction is so good. I really love the blending of the mask in the background, I think it's the high light in the painting as far as blending goes, because it has this motion like quality to it.

Hosun Kim said...

I like how in Self Portrait, there are many different styles of how the acrylic paint is used. (light and brisk at the bottom and darker and more defined at the top)

Hosun Kim said...

Project Theme: Story
As said in the Self Portrait painting, there are also many different colouring techniques to keep this piece look more "artistic"
ex. The pointillism for the masks and the fading effects of the masks shown on the top left of the piece.